Short Run Case Bound Books

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We're thinking about what other product categories to offer on Blue Star Direct, and are interested to know if there's a demand for short run case bound books.  Case bound (or hardcover) books are bound with a thick protective cover, and often also have a paper "dust cover" over the hard cover.

Traditionally, case bound books have been economic to print in quite large volumes only, and the dominant market has been book publishers. While this large-volume market is one that Blue Star Print Group production businesses are very experienced and knowledgeable in, we're starting to see an increase in short run self-publishing also.  With the advances over recent years in short run technologies, smaller runs are becoming more feasible.

The two "conventional" and most commonly-used sizes for perfect-bound paperbacks are 140 x 216mm and 152 x 228mm, with 152 x 228mm also a very common hardcover size. Both sizes are economical to imposition and print on offset presses.  Digital presses and finishing systems can also handle both sizes, hence the increased feasibility of shorter runs.

We'd be interested to know your thoughts - contact if this is a category you'd like to see added to Blue Star Direct's offer.


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